The UK is facing an economic downturn on an unprecedented scale. Redundancies may be inevitable but eroding your brand’s reputation at the same time is not.

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Why you need outplacement coaching?


A brand that does not ‘do right’ by their staff during consultation and redundancy can take a long time to recover. Poor treatment of staff can lead to reputational damage or litigation. It can also impact the productivity and morale of those who remain with the company; and at a time when they may be expected to assume new responsibilities or increased workloads.

Helping departing employees transition into new opportunities through a proper outplacement plan is

not a “nice to have”. It's a must. 

Coaching with Daniel was pivotal for me and my career. Previously I’d spent a long time being unhappy. The coaching helped me focus on what I could do, what I enjoyed and gave me the confidence to bite the bullet and make the changes I needed to. It enabled me to have the career change I needed and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled. This change has meant my output and capacity has increased tenfold, flowing into both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is needing clarity, fresh light and the skills to bring out the best in you. 


-Olivia, Marketing Manager

Iuvo Coaching’s outplacement service


We support individuals who are leaving an organisation due to redundancy. Each individual works with a Personal Career Coach to help them transition to their next opportunity whether that be:

  • alternative employment in a similar role;

  • training towards a career change

  • setting up their own business venture.   

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We understand that facing redundancy can be a deeply daunting and unsettling time. We provide a comfortable and safe environment where individuals can take stock of where they are now, explore where they want to be and move forward with confidence to put that into action. The coaching process is supported by highly practical advice including on:

CV writing

Personal branding

Social media engagement 

Job boards


Interview preparation and debrief

Read more about our Coaching process and how we work

Case studies

From Conflict to Career Change 


Daniel coached a Pharmaceuticals Executive at a time where she had come to a crossroads in her career. Having a safe environment to discuss the challenge and difficulties she was experiencing at work enabled her to explore her strengths and weaknesses and was able to find solutions to move forward. The result was a successful transition into research which benefited both her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry and a different outlook in her personal life.   

Board Transition


Daniel worked with the Chairman of the Board to offer support during his transition of stepping down. The coaching provided the opportunity for the coachee to be listened to, receive affirmation and be challenged in order to identify areas of strength as he explored new horizons. 

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