Only when a person is able to recognise and represent their authentic self, can they achieve their greatest.

This is the power of coaching.

Our Solutions

Outplacement Coaching


We work with companies on implementing outplacement plans to support those individuals who are leaving as a result of redundancy.

Leadership Coaching


We work with leaders in your business who seek to unearth their own authentic leadership style and capabilities.

Business Coaching


We work with business owners helping them to develop and drive forward their strategy for growth.

Welcome to Iuvo Coaching


The premise of Iuvo Coaching is a simple one:

‘iuvo’ is the Latin expression for ‘I help’

We all need help from time to time. Employers need help from their staff in stepping up to the challenges of the

Covid-19 era. Staff need help from their employers in discovering and developing their own potential.

Millennial employees gathered in boardro
Couple of happy colleagues talking while

We believe that coaching presents the best opportunity to unlock this potential: those skills and attributes that exist intrinsically  within each and every one of us that colour the way we think, communicate and act. That inform how we do business and how we excel. That make a real and lasting impact on driving not only our own performance but that of or businesses.

Who benefits from coaching?

At Iuvo, we work with managers and directors across a wide breadth of sectors and countries. To date, we’ve delivered our coaching to global organisations, private equity and investor management, pharmaceuticals, construction companies, e-Commerce, professional services and charities, to name but a few. Our footprint has extended across the UK, Germany and Africa. Our 1-2-1 coaching enables managers and executives to tackle the following challenges:

Develop their strategic thinking

Improve organisational dynamics

Manage change and develop resilience

Increase their productivity and that of their teams

Develop better communication and influencing skills

Transition into

first-time leadership or a more senior leadership role with

a new set of skills

Meet Daniel Driscoll


Daniel is the Founder and Executive Coach of Iuvo Coaching. His own 14-year background as a Senior Leader in Sales, Marketing and Change Management coupled with his time working at international consultancies makes Daniel highly empathetic to the challenges presented by today’s business environment. He has worked with Managers and Directors across a number of different sectors including global organisations, e-commerce, retail, construction, finance, private equity and investor management, pharmaceuticals, professional services and charities across the UK, Europe and Africa.


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